Nice to be appreciated!

As of the beginning of this year I have been assisting the ASA (Australian Society of Authors) and their Professional Development Officer, with  the planning and co-coordinating of some Brisbane ASA events. I won’t bore you with details (snore, snore) as to how this came about but, suffice to say, I am glad I was contacted.. I am enjoying this role. Just up my alley.

So it was lovely to have been asked (recently)  to provide them with some bio details for inclusion in their staff page. I have been given the title: QLD Professional Development Coordinator (Honorary).

My pic and short bio at:  Scroll down to the second last pic.

Or, link is found under the ‘About’ tab on the ASA’ s website at: Then scroll down to Staff page.

You will also find out more about the ASA staff members, and the other honorary staff members who assist the ASA.

Thanks ASA! Much appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Nice to be appreciated!

    • Aw-shucks Kelly. I am still waiting to catch up with you sometime. Hope all is well with you and your writing and illustrating projects, and that you are having an inspirational year. xHelen

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