Chatting with Morgen Bailey on her blog

This week the lovely and accomplished UK author and blogger, Morgen Bailey chatted with me about my writing journey.

As interviewee number 417, you can find our ‘chat’ at:

Morgen’s eNewspaper (via Scoop It) picked up the interview as its headline piece. Link at: This changes everyday (1pm UK time) so the interview can be viewed in the archives (at the top of her eNewspaper). Just select July 1.

Direct link:

The interview was also picked up by ‘Literature and Literacy in the Primary+ Classroom’ – an eNewspaper (also via Scoop It)

And before I go – if you write, in whatever genre, and you would like to be interviewed by Morgen just email Morgen at:<>, and she will send you the questions and any related details. And if you have a writing-related blog / podcast and would like to interview Morgen, please let her know.

Hope you are all having an inspirational 2012.


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9 thoughts on “Chatting with Morgen Bailey on her blog

      • Hi Morgen, it is kind of you to suggest me for an interview at some point – ask me when you have the time and a spot….I am not sure I would be as interesting a guest as most of your writers, but I can have a go and it might be fun… reading all your posts and the comments you get back. Really enjoy it all. So who know……

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