The ‘Three-Picture story’ idea.

I love taking photographs and am finally working through my camera’s manual to learn about its functions (two years after I purchased it).

But I also love writing.  Even though I have been very busy of late, in terms of my own writing projects including blogging, I have been feeling a little ‘stuck’ – ie. not moving backward, yet not moving forward.  Thought it time for me to create some new quests and challenges to keep me motivated. So when I received one of my regular emails from The Daily Post at about ‘Set the Scene with a Three-Picture Story’ I got hooked on the idea.

If you’re interested, I would encourage you to read the full post by Michelle W (February 19, 2014) at: Michelle includes great examples.

And subscribe to The Daily Post for more challenges.

However, here is a little about the three-picture story in brief (taken from Michelle’s post).

What is a Three-Picture Story?

‘It encourages you to think about the connection between your photos and subjects in a different way, and helps you create context that allows your photos to create a complete scene’.

It’s a story told through three related images – designed to create a more complete sense of your subject than a single picture. Together, they capture both visuals and feel:

Picture One: The Establishing Shot

This is the big picture — where are we? For this shot, step back from the subject and put it in context. Think wide-angle.

Picture Two: The Relationship

This shot starts to get at what it’s like to be in the place you’re shooting by showing subjects interacting. Often, this means people connecting with one another — talking, involved in an activity together, or just looking at the same thing — but it doesn’t need to be. Inanimate items and scenery elements can interact, too. (Michelle provides photographs as examples).

Picture Three: The Details

The third image completes the scene by zeroing in on a detail, something you might not notice (or even be able to see) in the broader photos.’ [cited from Michelle W's post -]


When  I told my husband about the three-picture story, he laughed, and said that I already do that.  Hmmm I thought, a little miffed. So I looked back at some of my photos taken in Japan, Seoul and Italy last year, and  found that I instinctively do this a lot of the time. But what I don’t really do, is place pictures in a sequence to ‘tell’ individual stories.

And it is nice to be more aware of the pictures I take and what they will communicate, especially in terms of the experience of places, people and things, and be more conscious of creating a complete scene in three shots.  I love this idea.

Of course this is just a guideline, and can be adapted to suit scenes without people, etc. Michelle gives some suggestions in her post.


So last weekend (the weekend that has just slipped around the corner) I paid three visits to my local park (not just a playground park), which is within walking distance from my home and was very snap happy. I also played around with my camera in the kitchen.

With that, here are some ‘three-picture stories’ I have captured thus far.

At Underwood Park.

At a local park – Dorset Park.

Preparing my daily juice.

The above pics aren’t the most interesting but thought I’d just experiment first.

Because ‘The Daily Post’ photo challenge this week features – threes. As such, I will be posting my selected ‘Three-Picture-Story/Stories’ this week.

This week’s challenge.


Kids-Book review of A Christmas Tail

Donna and I are so chuffed. We have just received another lovely review for our co-authored children’s picture book, A Christmas Tail.

The review is by Anastasia of  Kids-bookreview, a well respected children’s literature and book review site.

Without further ado, here’s the link:


Donna and I blog stop at Dawn Meredith’s writing corner

As you probably know, Donna Smith and I have been celebrating the release of our children’s picture book, A Christmas Tail  illustrated by Aaron Pocock.
As part of these festivities, the lovely  Dawn Meredith, a published children’s author, teacher and workshop leader, kindly invited us  to her writing corner.
To  find out a little more about how A Christmas Tail came about please click on the following link.

And whilst you are there, Dawn would love you to browse around her site.

Chatting with Aaron Pocock, illustrator of A Christmas Tail

Aaron Pocock, the very talented illustrator of  our children’s Christmas picture book, A Christmas Tail drops by Spider Ink Press today.

You will also see Aaron sketch (via YouTube) one of the characters from our book.

So please pop on over.  If you can make it now, that  would be wonderful.

Hope you are having an inspirational day.


A Christmas Tail eBook special Offer ends Fri 6 Dec.

A Christmas Tail

Cyber Launch eBOOK special

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Only 4 days left

A Christmas Tail no white space


From  now until  midnight EST Friday, 6 December 2013 A Christmas Tail  is available half price for eBook purchases.

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So you don’t forget, probably best to order NOWOff you go!

BUT IF YOU PREFER THE HARDBACK VERSION – it does look lovely, and makes a wonderful gift:

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The hardback version is also available on Amazon and other online bookstores.

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This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase this delightful (I know we  sound biased, but other readers have said the same thing, so it must be true) children’s Christmas picture book.


And  if you do purchase, it would be lovely if you would consider leaving a review on Amazon or iTunes.

This will assist new readers in discovering A Christmas Tail by Donna Smith and Helen Ross (me!).  And of course, the gorgeous illustrations by Aaron Pocock.


Please feel free to share this special eBook offer with your family, relatives, friends, teachers, librarians, or anyone you know who loves picture books, especially Christmas books, or mousey stories. But offer ends this Friday 6 December!


If you would like to know more, here is a link to our reviews.


No problem, we understand.  However, you could consider purchasing a copy to donate to a library, school, child or family in need. Some parents can’t afford to buy Christmas presents.


Thanks to everyone for celebrating our cyber book launch yesterday.  And if you missed it, the party is still in full swing. Festivities will finish Fri 6 December (technically speaking).

Just pop round to:

Grab some cheesecake treats, and a glass of bubbly or juice.  And, don’t forget to leave a comment.

And if you have already purchased A Christmas Tail (hardback or eBook version) or you are just about to, Donna, Aaron and I give you  a very BIG THANK YOU.

Have a great week.

xHelen (Donna and Aaron).


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Cyber book launch of A Christmas Tail happening NOW

Hi everyone.

Balloons-AnimatedI am soooo excited.  The cyber book launch of A Christmas Tail co-authored by Donna Smith and myself has just started. Please drop by any time today, and don’t forget to leave a comment so we know who has dropped by.  Just on the off chance we don’t get to ‘chat’ with everyone – the room is filling up already.

Direct link:

There is also a very  special eBook discount for this week only on iTunes and Amazon Kindle.   Details at:

Gotta go.  Have a party to attend. I hear the champagne corks popping now.

Hope to see you there.


You’re invited to ‘A Christmas Tail’ cyber launch party 2-6 Dec.



Donna Smith and I are delighted to announce a launch party to celebrate the release of A Christmas Tail, beautifully illustrated by Aaron Pocock.

Celebrations kick off on Monday 2  December and festivities will continue throughout the week (till Fri 6 Dec).  There will be launch party Christmas specials on our eBook, as well as recipe cards/printouts, mousey activities, chats with Donna and I, a sneak peek into Aaron’s illustrating world, and loads of activities for your children and classroom.  And we’ll be concluding the celebration with a big traditional turkey dinner!

Hope you can join us for the celebrations.

Meet the hosts:

Spider Ink Press Logo

    Donna Smith image Aaron Pocock imageHelen Ross image sitting with bookspeter-mouse PIC

Spider Ink Press (our publisher) with Donna Smith, Helen Ross (me) and Peter Mouse.  And of course, you’ll  meet Aaron Pocock, the talented illustrator of A Christmas Tail.


When:   Mon 2 Dec – Fri 6 Dec 2013

All day – Just pop in and out anytime. We’ll be partying through the wee hours.

And don’t forget to grab (maybe gently, so you don’t spill it) a glass or two of champagne or juice if you prefer. Champagne will be flowing all week.

Oh, and when you do pop in, don’t forget to ‘sign’ the guest book by leaving a comment in the comment section. Just so we know you have popped in, and we get a chance to say hello. 

The following champagne carriers are supposed to be animated.  They’re very naughtly.  Just hope they keep the champagne flowing next week.  Hmmm, must be a little glitch.  Just click on one to get  it  going, so you know what they are supposed to do doing.

Animated -Walking-Monkey-Happy-New-Year-2013-Champagne-Bottle-01Animated -Walking-Monkey-Happy-New-Year-2013-Champagne-Bottle-01Animated -Walking-Monkey-Happy-New-Year-2013-Champagne-Bottle-01

Happy birthday to me

Yes, it’s my birthday today.  I think birthdays should be celebrated.

40-Zimmy-happy-birthday-helen-dog-bark-training-collar (photo courtesy of Google images).

So I have flung aside current marketing tasks to celebrate with a friend who is also celebrating her birthday today.

Then my humorous husband is taking me out to dinner tonight. Yay!

So  please drop by any time today but I can’t guarantee there will be any cake left.

Happy birthday Helen Big cake(photo courtesy of Google images).

So grab a slice. You can munch while listening to:  Happy Birthday Helen by Things of Stone and Wood

Just click on the link:

Now I am off to find some bling.  Just got to make sure I clean my sticky fingers first.

Have a great day everyone, and especially if you are celebrating your birthday today – Happy Birthday!

And to all the Helens celebrating today - Happy birthday Helen! Balloons-Animated

Logan Art Gallery Store: meet the artists

If you live in Brisbane, Logan or SE Queensland and you love unique gifts and collectables, please visit Logan Art Gallery Store at their special event: meet the artists.


5.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.

The Logan Art Gallery is having a late night shopping event on 28 November where the artists represented in the Gallery Store will be there  to meet and chat with customers.

This is a great opportunity to discover the perfect handcrafted and unique Christmas gifts, whilst supporting Logan’s artists and artisans. The Logan Art Gallery are always happy to support local artists but all products are first assessed by a panel for their suitability.

A Christmas Tail, my new picture book release co-authored by Donna M Smith, and illustrated by Aaron Pocock will be available at the Gallery store on this night. Aaron and I are long term Logan residents.

Please feel free to promote the following flyer  among your contacts.GalleryStoreNightHope to see you there.

Logan Art Gallery Store

Cnr. Wembley Road and Jacaranda Avenue. Logan Central  QLD  4114 Ph: 07 3412 5519

A Christmas Tail features in CKT’s October Pitch Ya Book!

A Christmas Tail, co-authored by Donna Smith and ME!, is featured this month in Creative Kids Tales’s Pitch Ya Book. The gorgeous illustrations are by Aaron Pocock.

A Christmas Tail no white space

The other books featured this month are: Sue Whiting’s A Swim in the Sea, D C Green’s Monster School, Stephen Axelsen’s The Nelly Gang, Goldie Alexander’s Dessi’s Romance, and Pamela Rushby’s Flora’s War.

Link at:

About Creative Kids Tales

Creative Kids Tales is an Australian website for emerging Australian children’s authors. Their aim is to be a voice for those authors and help them on their publication journey.

More information at: