What makes a good pitch? Some great advice.

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If you are a picture book writer, and you are not a subscriber to Julie Hedlund’s, Write up my Life blog - http://writeupmylife.com – I recommend that you pop over and check out her posts. This year Julie  features some wonderful guests in the picture book writing world who are  more than happy to share some wonderful tips and information.

Today’s  guest is Tamson Weston -http://tamsonweston.com

Tamson provides invaluable information on what makes a good pitch, what doesn’t, how important the pitch is in terms of introducing your manuscripts, and whether or not a bad pitch can be overcome by a fantastic idea.

Winners for Tamson Weston’s Pitch contest are also announced. Great tips given.

Direct link:  http://writeupmylife.com/2012/03/07/tamson-weston-pitch-contest-winners/

And while you are there, please check out Julie’s “How I Got My Agent” series for picture book writers.

My children’s book is listed in Highly Recommended section at BiblioReads

My children’s picture book, 10 Yellow Bananas is listed in the TOP PICKS, Highly Recommended Section (4 /5 stars) at Biblio Reads 0-12 Children’s Book Review.

Direct link:




Book reviewed by Lisa Barker, BiblioReads.com


I am very happy with this review, though when I first read it I was a little disappointed about the rhyming comment.  I worked so hard getting that meticulously right with Dr Virginia Lowe http://createakidsbook.com.au/

But I came to the conclusion that you can’t please everyone. It is overall, a very good review. And I only just realised that it was in the Highly Recommended section. So there you go!

If you wish to  read other reviews of my children’s books, please visit my website: http://www.misshelenbooks.com

Just click on the Book Reviews tab on the left side panel.

Hope you are all having an inspirational week.