There is no such thing as an ‘aspiring writer’. You are a writer.

I write children’s stories and giggle verses. I am also an avid reader of a variety of genres. But I love action, especially Matthew Reilly’s work.  ‘Contest’ was the first book of his that I read – About nine years ago, I picked it up from a discounted section at a bookstore in Sydney, and liked the blurb on the back cover.  I have been hooked on his books ever since.

But the point of this blog post is something that I read in an interview in Reilly’s ‘Area 7’ (another great book, I might add).

Reilly was asked, ‘Any other tips for aspiring writers?’

Yes.  There is no such thing as an ‘aspiring writer’.  You are a writer.  Period.  I was told that once, and I have never forgotten it.

And I have also never forgotten it. Whenever I read or hear the word, ‘aspiring’  (aspiring actress, aspiring novelist, aspiring artist,  aspiring poet, etc. etc.), it reverberates in my head while I silently correct the writer or artist.

No, you are not aspiring. If you act, you are an actress; if you write you are a writer; if you paint, you are an artist.  You might aspire to be published or to be famous, but you can’t aspire to what you are already doing.  Make sense?

I often receive emails from writers in Australia and around the world who refer to themselves as an ‘aspiring children’s writer or poet’, as well as emails from parents who want advice on how to help their child achieve their dream of being a writer.

And I generally start off my emails with something like this:

If writing is your passion then you must view yourself as a writer . This is not to sound like you are big noting yourself, but by referring to yourself as a writer tends to give you a lot more confidence in yourself. Also, if you write you are a writer.  You are already doing it. Of course, there are always learning curves and honing your craft can be a life long process.

So, there is no such thing as an aspiring writer – YOU are a writer.


About Helen McKenzie Ross

Welcome to my creative world. I am an Australian actor, writer/ poet and have many passions; some of which I write about in my blog posts. I have a quirky sense of humour, and dance to the beat of my own drum. Thanks for dropping by and hope you visit again soon. I always have tea, coffee, wine and cake.
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