Review: The Self-Publisher’s Marketing Guide by Debbie Higgs

I believe  there are many  authors who think they have ‘made’ it once they have been given a publishing contract.  And that publishers will pull out all stops in regards to promotion and marketing of their book.  However, it is a well known fact that publishers, nowadays, do expect their authors (unless they have written a best seller) to promote themselves, and market their own books.

So where to start? Debbie Higgs’s new book, The Self-Publisher’s Marketing Guide will put authors of all genres on the right track. The book is geared towards more ‘newbie’ authors but I found it a very valuable resource that would suit the independently published and commercial published author.  The Self-Publisher’s Marketing Guide is well set out, well researched, clearly written and professionally produced.

I recommend you to grab a copy! But before you do, please read my full review below.

The Self-publisher’s Marketing Guide

Author:        Debbie Higgs

Publisher:   Palmer Higgs, Australia 2011

ISBN:              978-0-9807867-7-4

Paperback  120 pages

RRP:                $ 14.95

Category:    Reference, Self-publishing – Handbooks, manuals

Authorship – Marketing – Handbooks, manuals

The world of publishing is changing dramatically, offering exciting and realistic opportunities for the self-published/independently published author.  A lot of time, money and energy can be expended in getting  books printed, yet many self-published authors tend to neglect an important part of the process – Marketing. The bottom line is: Marketing is an essential ingredient in selling a book.

Even if you are mainstream published, it is a well known fact that publishers, nowadays, do expect their authors (unless they have written a best seller) to promote themselves, and market their own books.

So,  if  you don’t know where to begin, or don’t feel confident in promoting or selling your book, The Self-publisher’s Marketing Guide  will certainly put you on the right track.

Written by Debbie Higgs, The Self-publisher’s Marketing Guide was created from a collection of notes that Debbie had compiled to promote the books published by Palmer Higgs and the self-publishing authors they work with.

The Self-publisher’s Marketing Guide not only provides valuable advice and examples of how to successfully market your own book locally or globally (including ebooks) but also outlines a few valuable facts to help put the entire publishing market into perspective.

The book is well set out by Debbie who is experienced in the field of book marketing, and the easy to understand information is organised into three easy stages:

  1. Research
  2. How to create a marketing plan and press release
  3. Implementation (including organising a book launch, publicity, creating contacts, and internet and social marketing strategies).

Even if you are a seasoned marketer of your books, you just may learn a thing or two, especially in light of DIY PR and the impact of social media strategies. (I know I did.)

If you are serious about marketing (promoting and selling) your book whether independently or mainstream published, and regardless of the genre of your book, The Self-publisher’s Marketing Guide is essential reading.


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Copyright  Helen Ross 20 May 2011 (if you haven’t checked out my children’s books)


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6 Responses to Review: The Self-Publisher’s Marketing Guide by Debbie Higgs

  1. Jacey Faye says:

    Ah, thank you for this! This book looks wonderful, and I’m incredibly excited to get my own hands on it — I’m one of those going into self-publishing not only because I want the freedom to write, but because I legitimately enjoy marketing as well. So this book looks perfect for me, and is definitely going on my must-have list! 🙂

    • Helen Ross says:

      Hi Jacey. Let me know what you think of the book and how you think it will help you. All feedback appreciated. All the best with your self publishing endeavour. Regards, Helen

  2. Debbie Higgs says:

    My favourite kind of author – one who actually enjoys marketing! I’m sure you’ll have success with that combination and hope that the book helps

    Debbie Higgs

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