My publishing story, so far

Helen Ross writes – supports talented Australian self published authors,  small press and and independent publishers

One thing I love about children’s and YA authors is that they are very supportive of fellow authors and writers.  They are forthcoming in not only offering valuable advice but also support and encouragement.   Much needed at times.

In August this year, I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Roslyn Motter who I met  in 2006 at the NSW Centre’s 8th Australian Publishers & Authors Book Show in Leichhardt.

If you missed my chat with Roslyn, who has published nine books to date, please click on:

As a show of support, Roslyn kindly invited me to her blog.

To read my story (to date)  please visit Roslyn’s blog at:

Hope you are all having an inspirational week.


Supporting Australia’s talented self published authors,  small press and and independent publishers

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2 Responses to My publishing story, so far

  1. john malone says:

    What you say, Helen, about supporting each other is certainly true; I don’t know whether you noticed but I put up a review ‘damaged children’ about an author who self-published her debut collection. I wrote a review on it partly in support but also because the collection ‘blew me away’ and this is from one who resists ‘confessional poetry’ which this could be seen as — but is so much more

    but your blog is doing just that: supporting self-published authors, so good on you: you are doing a really good thing

    • Helen Ross says:

      Thanks John. Yes, I did read your review on ‘Damaged Children’. There really is a lot of talent out there in the self publishing world, and working together to support such talent is a great thing. All the best, Helen

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