Are You Making These 7 Book Marketing Mistakes?

Helen Ross writes supports talented independently published authors, and reputable independent publishers and small print press.

If you are a self-published author or are thinking seriously of joining the thousands of new authors taking the self-publishing pathway every year, the following article is well worth reading.

The article is by Joel Friedlander, a self-published author and book designer who blogs about book design, self-publishing and the indie publishing life at

Joel has formed this article from tips from Toni Tesori from Duolit, a self-publishing blog and author services company.

Anyone taking the self publishing plunge must go in with eyes wide open. Learn from others.

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7 Responses to Are You Making These 7 Book Marketing Mistakes?

  1. Honie Briggs says:

    Excellent article, and I’m happy to report that I’m not making these mistakes. Others perhaps, but not these. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Jane Risdon says:

    Hi Helen, just popping in to read your blog and say hello. Found your article so interesting and want to thank you. I’ve not got round to publishing on my own yet….have work published in anthologies so far and am hoping to have two books traditionally publish next year….however, if this does not come off I shall consider self-publishing and will take on board all you have shared. Thanks again. Have a great week.

    • Helen Ross says:

      Hi Jane. Thanks for dropping by. All the best with your books. And if you do go down the self-publishing route, do all your home work first. Don’t rush. But with that said, I think a lot of writers stop sending their work to publishers after just a few rejection slips. If you believe it is good, and you prefer your work to be traditionally published, don’t rush. Keep persisting. Maybe look at your work again and take on board any constructive comments. Or keep tweaking your submission cover letter. Regards, Helen

      • Jane Risdon says:

        Helen, apologies I have only just seen this for some reason – posts are slow getting through or showing up so I can see them. I agree with you and appreciate you taking the time to pass your advice on. I have not submitted to anyone yet though I do have a possible agent and publisher interested in one of my novels….not rushing, not ready anyway. I do hope you will come back and check out my work which is on here now and let me have your opinion as I respect honest appraisals and advice greatly and if you get time and feel like it, I would appreciate it so much. Good luck with your projects and do keep in touch. Jane x

      • Helen Ross says:

        Hi Jane. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I will definitely check out your work, and wish you well for the New Year. Yes, keep in touch with your endeavours. Have a great Christmas season. Helen

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