Dandelion – A Book of Hope for Children being bullied

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence is held on March 15.

Bullying (including cyber-bullying) should never be tolerated – ever!

A staggering one in six children are being bullied each week, according to a 2009 report by Edith Cowan University. ‘A quarter of students between year 4 and year 9 reported being bullied at least once over the few weeks the research was undertaken,’ School Education Minister Peter Garrett said in November last year. ‘One in five students has experienced some form of cyber-bullying. This means every family either has a child, or knows one, who is being bullied at school.’

A new children’s picture book release, Dandelion is a great jump-off point for parents and teachers to discuss bullying.

A book of hope for children being bullied
Published by Random House Australia
Released: 2 April 2013 in hardback. RRP $19.95
ISBN 9780857981028
Released 15 March 2013 as an eBook
ISBN 9780857981035


Written by Sydney father of three Galvin Scott Davis in response to his son being bullied, Dandelion tells the story of Benjamin Brewster, who hates going to school because he’s being picked on. Blowing on a dandelion, Benjamin wishes for better things . . . if only his school would disappear, or even the bullies. Neither do, and while Benjamin never confronts his tormentors, he does come to realise his imagination makes him stronger than them.

‘With all my might, you’ll all take flight.
If I could but wish for better things . . .
You’d all disperse and grow your wings.’

Benjamin Brewster is drawn without a face, making it easy for children to insert themselves into the story.The cinematic Tim Burtonesque-style illustrations by Anthony Ishinjerro help to transport readers to a world unlike any other – a world where creativity is embraced to solve problems and a place where adults and children can comfortably discuss bullying and methods for copying with it.

Dandelion began life as an app in 2012 after Galvin Scott Davis received kick-starter funding from the US. By late 2012 it had shot to fame as one of the #1 book apps in the Australian Apple iTunes store. At this time Galvin also received his first round of media attention, with articles appearing across Australia.

While Galvin initially self-published a limited number of hardback copies of Dandelion, he was excited when Random House Australia acquired the rights to the book, saying that he was looking forward to spreading the message to the wider community.

About the author

Galvin Scott Davis pic

GALVIN SCOTT DAVIS is an award-winning writer and Creative Director of digital media company, Protein. Dandelion has become one of the year’s stand out literary campaigns. He is also a prolific speaker who gives talks on creativity and innovation. Galvin most recently gave a talk at the Museum of Contemporary Art alongside John Marsden and Clover Moore. There is an opportunity for Galvin to give talks about creativity and how it can shift thinking on bullying as well as book reading for classes.

Galvin lives in Marrickville, Sydney, with his wife and three sons. Galvin is available for interview and book signings

Dandelion was published as an e-book on 15 March 2013, the National Day of Action Against Bullying, and as a hardcover picture book on 1 April.

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Further resources
Teachers resources available at
The teacher’s notes demonstrate how important and positive this book has become to reading lists.

Information taken from Dandelion’s media release.

Stay tuned for my review later this week.


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3 Responses to Dandelion – A Book of Hope for Children being bullied

  1. ooh thanks for the info – I must get a copy 🙂

    • Helen Ross says:

      Hi Gabrielle. I just downloaded the app book for Dandelion. It is in rhyme (for the most part anyway) and a little gloomy because of the sepia tones and gothic style images but it aptly depicts the feelings of the victim, and the world as he sees it. Dandelion was never written with the intention of giving a solution but to open the way for discussion in schools and with parents. And I think it does that.

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