Setting Off

Well, it is holiday time again. In Australia, it does get a little confusing as each State/Territory has slightly different school terms. Also Private schools and colleges tend to have different term dates to that of State schools. Regardless, many people are taking advantage of the snow in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, while others are heading to northern parts of Australia for the warmer weather. July and August are also peak travel times due to Summer holiday time in other parts of the world.

So I thought a poem I wrote many moons ago would be apt for this time of year.

(First published in New Visions: A collection of 800 Australian Poems Published by Writers World Poetry Anthology 1993. The following has been edited since its first publication.)

Well it is holiday time again
We’d been planning where to go
But couldn’t make up our minds
To go to the sun or the snow

Then travelling in the country
Seemed like the way to go
We’d pack up the car and leave
Maybe with a caravan in tow

We’d leave early for the highway
And camp along the way
End up somewhere along the Murray
Do some fishing in the day

Somehow the time just flew
Leaving little time to pack
As usual, the kids packed too much
We yelled till they put things back

‘Get in the car!’ I screamed
‘It’s time we were on our way
It’s my holiday too
I’d like to leave today.’

Now with all the yelling
I got in a bit of a state
Hastily in reverse I went
And smashed into the wrought iron gate

I sat there in a daze
How much more could I endure?
I soon found out just how much
For the car I forgot to insure!

Copyright Helen Ross 1993.

The End

CAR cartoon accident

If you are currently on holidays – Happy holidays and stay safe!

And to celebrate ‘Christmas In July’ please join in the festivities with Donna Smith and myself – coauthors of ‘A Christmas Tail‘, which has just been released on iTunes as an ebook.
More information here.

Psst! Donna and I wish you a very mousey ‘Christmas in July.’

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4 Responses to Setting Off

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  2. Lovely poem – so reminds me of family holidays when my children were children! Hope everyone has a great holiday.

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