DC Green’s Monster School

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Monster School is the first of the three-book series, City of Monsters  by the talented children’s writer and award winning surf journalist, DC Green. Would love to know what DC stands for but his lips are ‘mum’ on that.

Monster School book cover

In City of Monsters Book 1: Monster School, DC Green has created a wonderful (and a little grisly)  fantasy world where humans are the endangered species. I am definitely not visiting. You will encounter a variety of types of monsters each confined to their own quarter or community.

A little about the plot:

Human kind has ruled Monstro City for hundreds of years.  However, the goblins are taking over. Thomas Regus is possible heir to the throne at Castle Mount and is kept ‘prisoner’ there for his own protection, under the watchful eye of Erica (his ogre bodyguard) and Lord Boron.  The latter is the temporary ruler of  Monstro City while Thomas’s father and brother are missing, and his mother lies in a coma.

Thomas is not only fed up with being kept ‘prisoner’ but being withheld any information about the Monsters of the outside world.  Thomas also learns that all is not looking good for his family’s royal Kingdom.

In his quest to ‘make everything better’ Thomas decides to take matters in his own hands. Disguised, he ’enrols’ in Monster school where he encounters a class of misfits.  Here his education begins and he finds more than he bargained for.

Motivated by purpose he teams up with a gang of misfits to fight the goblin enemies. Of course, not everything runs smoothly as the gang embarks on a crusade to get justice.


I won’t divulge too much more as I am not a fan of reviews that give far too much information.  I love to see how a world, and an adventure  unfolds without too much prior knowledge or factoids (one of the choice words in Monster School).  Whoa! That’s enough factoids. Anyway, you are bound to find some creatures quite endearing while others are just plain ‘turn your stomach’ disgusting.

Grisly and ghoulish characters include giant spiders, ogres, vampires, mummies, goblins and ex-humans (people and monsters that have been enhanced with bionics and cyborg parts), to name but a few.   I do have my favourites but you will of course have to read Monster School to find out yours, and maybe guess mine.

City of Monsters Book 1 Monster School is humorous, full of twists and turns and overall the pace is slick. Importance of friendships and loyalty, acceptance and tolerance, and seeking justice, weaves its way through the action. DC uses language to suit each character’s quirks which should appeal to its target market (10+ years).

I enjoyed Book 1 and am begging for more.  I do love a cliff hanger ending – it makes you WANT to  read the next in the series – so looking forward to Book 2: Mafia Goblins Rule.  I believe it is out in 2014.  DC promises ‘more high-velocity monster action, thrills and belly-laughs with the fate of Monstro City on the line’.

Monster School won two pre-publication awards and is sure to be a winner especially with middle-school age children. Children’s and YA books  are also becoming more popular with adults so I am sure Monster School will tickle adults’ funny bones as well.

Love the cover and internal illustration by Danny Willis.

Published by Ford Street Publishing, you will find more information at: http://www.fordstreetpublishing.com

Title:  Monster School (City of Monsters #1)
Author:  D C Green
Illustrator:  Danny Willis
Publisher:    Ford St, $18.95 RRP
Publication Date: October 2013
Format:  Paperback
ISBN:  9781925000078
For Ages:  10+
Type:  Fantasy

For more information about  DC Green and his books:

Amazon.com (for a kindle Monsters): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FDKBTVQ

Goodreads – for Monstrous reviews and discussions: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18584745-monster-school

DC Green’s facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/DCGreenAuthor

Barrel Books – DC Green’s  other publisher (for his other books): http://barrelbooks.com/

Wait! There’s more!

DC Green recently dropped by my blog as part of his world-wind virtual book tour. So if you missed his tips and insights into how to help make characters’ dialogue distinctive, especially for creating believable monsters, please click here:


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