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“… a true friend has your best interests at heart and the pluck to tell you what you need to hear.”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

For the month of December, my blogger friend Honie Briggs is celebrating beginning her third year of blogging at (WordPressblog).

Picture of Stephanie (Honie) Briggs Copyright

Picture of Stephanie (Honie) Briggs

Congratulations Honie and I love the idea of a progressive post party to celebrate.

To kick off the celebrations, Honie invited her two blogger friends  Lorri, a.k.a. Artsifrtsy @ the eff stop, and Allan Smorra @ Ohm Sweet Ohm to post about first ‘meeting’ Honie via cyberspace,  their individual experiences in meeting her in person and the strong friendship that has thus ensued.

The party kicked off on December 17 with Lorri, a.k.a. Artsifrtsy @ the eff stop.  Lorri is a very talented photographer with a career designing and developing t-shirt graphics.  I am in awe of her photographs and love her writing style.

Next day the party congo line dropped by at Allan Smorra’s blog @ Ohm Sweet Ohm. Allan’s  blog is a  lovely kaleidoscope  of photography, poetry, and history centered around his life and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Honie encourages her blogger friends to join the fun by sharing the link to their post about what keeps them coming back to I believe the party lights go out at end of December.

I love a good party, so just before December is just about to flit around a corner to let January dance in, I have joined the congo line.  As they say (whoever they are) it is better to arrive late at a party than not at all (or did I just make that up?). No matter.

My first foray into the world of blogging began on 10 June 2009.  It was with some trepidation that I pressed the ‘publish’ key. At the time I assumed I would just post about my writing journey and my passion for supporting talented independently published authors and their books. I figured that would be the voice of my blog. And sitting in my daggy but comfy house skirt and t-shirt (yes, I do remember that) with my mouse icon hovering over the ‘publish’ key, I really didn’t think I would get anyone reading my posts let alone any blog followers. But as a writer (or someone trying to believe she was one) I felt it the ‘thing’ to do. Nothing venture, nothing gained.

Venturing into this unknown world (albeit with shaky hands and feet) has given me the opportunity to connect with writers of a variety of genres, as well as other artists (visual artists of a variety of mediums, photographers, poets, illustrators, travelers, etc).  There are just so many talented people in the world – I am utterly gobsmacked by their writing, artistic flair and their support for each other.  And it is through the world of blogging that I have become aware of their presence and creativity.

However, during this time, I have also ‘met’ a handful of bloggers with whom  I feel a kindred spirit type of connection, regardless of their background, writing or artistic penchant.

And one of these is Honie Briggs ( From memory, Honie chanced (not sure how, but glad she did) upon my blog in the early months of 2012, and became a blog follower. I loved her writing style and reciprocated. Honie, please correct me if my memory is hazy.

What I love about Honie’s writing is that her personality, honesty, no nonsense attitude, pluck, compassion and kindness shines through like a thankful torchlight moving excitedly towards you in a black moonless night. Her posts are an eclectic mix varying from keen observations, flash fiction, amazing photography, and justifiable discourses. Her writings have made me laugh, smile, cry, think, and be ready to grab my placard and protest against an injustice.

Though I am generally a children’s writer/poet I believe we can learn from other writers and their writing style, regardless their genre. That is how we grow, not only in our craft but as people; seeing things from their standpoint. I have seen a lot of growth in Honie’s writing of which I have learnt from, and am often in awe of her ability to paint a witty panorama to an everyday event.

I have never, even when I was younger, gravitated towards the most popular person or popular crowd but to people with a sense of self worth, loyalty, honesty, appreciation and sincere compassion and kindness to others.  As well as having a sense of fun. Maybe that is why I enjoy Honie’s posts,  reading and learning from comments from her fellow blogger friends, and of course, Honie’s witty retorts.  But she can also be very humble, thoughtful and ready to poke fun at herself.  I like that. I sense honesty and true camaraderie (or as we say Down Under, mateship) between her and her blogger friends.

And bloggers like Honie are also there to laugh with you, as well as support and gently stroke your soul when it needs a little pick me up.

When a blogger doesn’t desert you when you blog about an interest that is not of his/her predilection, and continues to support you regardless of your literary style, you know that is a true blogger friend. So thanks Honie for your support also.

So Honie  I look forward to another blogging year @, knowing you will make me  smile, laugh, think, learn, and be entertained.

And if you are looking for some holiday reading, I would recommend Honie’s debut book, Summoning The Strength: Forces believed to hold us down may in fact propel us upward. It’s all relative.

I purchased it last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

About Helen Ross

Welcome to my creative world. I have many passions; some of which I write about in my blog posts. I have a quirky sense of humour, and dance to the beat of my own drum. Thanks for dropping by and hope you visit again soon. I always have tea, coffee, wine and cake.
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11 Responses to Progressive post party for

  1. Honie Briggs says:

    Helen, it wouldn’t be a party without you. So glad you could make it. You’ve been around almost from the start and I’ve enjoyed sharing this writing adventure with you. We are kindred spirits! Your kind words and encouragement mean the world to me. I see a trip to Australia in my future.

    • Helen Ross says:

      Hi Honie and thanks. It would be lovely to see you in Australia. And if I ever get to the US, I will let you know. Anyway, look forward to another blogging year with you.

    • Helen Ross says:

      Hi Honie and thanks. It would be lovely to see you in Australia. And if I ever get to the US, I will let you know. Anyway, look forward to another blogging year with you.

  2. Honie Briggs says:

    Reblogged this on HonieBriggs and commented:
    Helen Ross is right on time! What a lovely addition to the party. Be sure to check out her post and remember, there’s still time to join the fun.

  3. artsifrtsy says:

    Your words sum up Honie’s blog so well. She makes me laugh and smile and think. I appreciate her as a wordsmith and s a friend. She has been a great encouragement to me. I like your style and it looks like you have some pluck as well 🙂

    • Helen Ross says:

      Hi Lorrie. Thanks for visiting my blogging corner. Yes, Honie certainly is a wordsmith as well as being a supportive blogging friend. Thanks for your comments, and nice to ‘meet’ through Honie. All the best for 2014.

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