The ‘Three-Picture story’ idea.

I love taking photographs and am finally working through my camera’s manual to learn about its functions (two years after I purchased it).

But I also love writing.  Even though I have been very busy of late, in terms of my own writing projects including blogging, I have been feeling a little ‘stuck’ – ie. not moving backward, yet not moving forward.  Thought it time for me to create some new quests and challenges to keep me motivated. So when I received one of my regular emails from The Daily Post at about ‘Set the Scene with a Three-Picture Story’ I got hooked on the idea.

If you’re interested, I would encourage you to read the full post by Michelle W (February 19, 2014) at: Michelle includes great examples.

And subscribe to The Daily Post for more challenges.

However, here is a little about the three-picture story in brief (taken from Michelle’s post).

What is a Three-Picture Story?

‘It encourages you to think about the connection between your photos and subjects in a different way, and helps you create context that allows your photos to create a complete scene’.

It’s a story told through three related images – designed to create a more complete sense of your subject than a single picture. Together, they capture both visuals and feel:

Picture One: The Establishing Shot

This is the big picture — where are we? For this shot, step back from the subject and put it in context. Think wide-angle.

Picture Two: The Relationship

This shot starts to get at what it’s like to be in the place you’re shooting by showing subjects interacting. Often, this means people connecting with one another — talking, involved in an activity together, or just looking at the same thing — but it doesn’t need to be. Inanimate items and scenery elements can interact, too. (Michelle provides photographs as examples).

Picture Three: The Details

The third image completes the scene by zeroing in on a detail, something you might not notice (or even be able to see) in the broader photos.’ [cited from Michelle W’s post –]


When  I told my husband about the three-picture story, he laughed, and said that I already do that.  Hmmm I thought, a little miffed. So I looked back at some of my photos taken in Japan, Seoul and Italy last year, and  found that I instinctively do this a lot of the time. But what I don’t really do, is place pictures in a sequence to ‘tell’ individual stories.

And it is nice to be more aware of the pictures I take and what they will communicate, especially in terms of the experience of places, people and things, and be more conscious of creating a complete scene in three shots.  I love this idea.

Of course this is just a guideline, and can be adapted to suit scenes without people, etc. Michelle gives some suggestions in her post.


So last weekend (the weekend that has just slipped around the corner) I paid three visits to my local park (not just a playground park), which is within walking distance from my home and was very snap happy. I also played around with my camera in the kitchen.

With that, here are some ‘three-picture stories’ I have captured thus far.

At Underwood Park.

At a local park – Dorset Park.

Preparing my daily juice.

The above pics aren’t the most interesting but thought I’d just experiment first.

Because ‘The Daily Post’ photo challenge this week features – threes. As such, I will be posting my selected ‘Three-Picture-Story/Stories’ this week.

This week’s challenge.


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10 Responses to The ‘Three-Picture story’ idea.

  1. I disagree – I do find them interesting, especially the second one (I do love nature but I find humans very fascinating to observe 😉 ) – what a great idea

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  7. This photo series can’t help but bring a smile to your face! see more here!!

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