The Summoning of The One virtual blog tour

This week it is my pleasure to host author, Royce Bond during his virtual blog tour for his new book, The Summoning of The One (Book 2 in The Knights of Katesch), published by Morris Publishing.

Rockhampton resident, Royce Bond, published his first book, Kitchen Science, with Ashton Scholastic after he won the prestigious National B.H.P. /C.S.I.R.O. Science Teacher’s Award. This book was used in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and in some schools in South America. Many books in the science field followed.

Since his retirement, he has changed his writing to young adult fantasy novels. The Princess and The Pirate, the first in the series The Knights of Katesch was published by Morris Publishing Australia in 2013.

Before we meet Royce, here’s a little about The Summoning of The One –

Andrew Weatherby, a bullied computer nerd from Central Queensland is ripped from his world to lead The Knights of Katesch in their direct attack on Maligor the Destroyer. In the midst of the battle in Mountain City, he rescues princess Katarin to find he has been betrothed to her since birth.

This feisty young lady risks her life to save Andrew. The Knights believe that have finally defeated Maligor after ten thousand years of conflict. In an attempt to escape the fanatic red guards seeking revenge for the death of their god, Agmar accidentally releases a monster army: the Kazdoom. (Fantasy/Adventure 12 years +)

Cover front The Summoning of One by Royce Bond

Without further ado, let’s find out where Royce gets his ideas for his books.

Welcome Royce.

royce bond 2 Morris Publishing Book Tour 14 Sept 2014

My pleasure, Helen

Could you please describe your book in five words or less.



Action packed


How did the ideas for your book come to you?

As a child, I worked on market gardens with my family. Picking beans doesn’t use much of the brain, so I found myself daydreaming while I was working. I dreamt that I had all of these exciting adventures in different worlds and with fantasmagorical creatures.

I used to play act at home that I was an archer, saving people from dragons and tyrants. My father would make swords out of pieces of tin so I could be a swordsman in the back yard, when we weren’t on the farms.

The ideas for this story had decades to develop in my mind.  In my daydreams on the farms, I have had all of these adventures, with the characters that are in this book.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes. Life has a way of bringing adventures into our lives at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways. In fact, when we step out of the door each morning we may be taking the first step into an adventure that could whisk us to places we have never been before, to meet people we never thought we’d ever meet and to do things we had never imagined.

Watch out for the adventure. It may be around the next corner.


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The Summoning of The One – Book 2 in The Knights of Katesch

Cover front The Summoning of One by Royce Bond

AUTHOR:       Royce Bond

ISBN:               978-0-9925052-0-2

FORMATS:     eBook and  Paperback

PUBLISHER:  Morris Publishing Australia

CATEGORY:   Fantasy/adventure

AUDIENCE:   12 +

Author’s  website:

Publisher’s website:

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