About Helen

Hi there!  Welcome to my little writing corner.

Updated October 2020

Due to finally achieving my life long dream of training as an actor, I have updated my ‘About me’.

Tucked cosily away in my study, and sometimes at the dining room table, I blog about things that interest me in relation to my adventure as an actor, poet/writer and growth as a creative being. Sometimes I might include a poem or two.

Spread your wings

Surrender your fears

And fly.

(Helen Ross 2009)

But, sometimes I do feel I need a parachute.

A little about me: 

Writing and Acting Qualifications:

  • Foundation Certificate Course in Screenwriting (Raindance Filmmaking, Online Toronto, 2020)
  • Foundation Certificate Course in Smartphone Filmmaking (Raindance Filmmaking, Toronto, 2020)
  • Advanced Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting 2016
  • Freelance Journalism 2011
  • Diploma In Writing, with ‘The Writing School’ 2000
  • Other Qualifications
  • Masters of Education (International), Monash Uni (Distance Education) (2000)
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics, Griffith Uni, Brisbane (2001) – TESOL
  • Certificate IV Small Business Management 2013
  • Diploma Secretarial Studies (RMIT, VIC)
  • Diploma Primary Teaching, Victoria

How it all began:

I have always loved drawing, arts and crafts; winning my first drawing competition in grade 6 for designing a sausage sizzle poster.

From an early age I have always enjoyed painting, drawing, most art and crafts, the theatre, music and reading. I used to spend hours in my bedroom drawing, and making crafts, particularly Salvador Dali like surrealistic sculptures out of old clocks, and witches out of corn of the cob skins from Mum’s home produced corn patch (the latter creations were a bit smelly, especially after sitting in my dresser drawers for months).

Graduating as a Primary teacher, I loved encouraging my primary school students to develop their imagination and creativity through story telling, creative writing, art, music and drama.

However, since my teens, I had always felt that there was something else in me trying to get out. A passion. Something that I not only enjoyed but was good at (even if I had to work at it). Consequently, in my search for ‘that niche’ I tried most things – silver jewellery making, tap dancing, drama, African dancing and the list goes on……

Knowing I had discovered ‘my niche’, I then spent three years studying drama part time, but little did I know that a poet was soon to be born. And all because of a gorilla named Lulu.    But there is more … you can find an update on my niche at the end of this page.

Birth of a poet

As part of a drama assignment I had to write and ‘perform’ a poem, or piece about an animal, as selected by a ‘lucky dip’. My animal was the gorilla and so I penned my first poem, Lulu, the gorgeous gorilla. By this stage I was about 27 years of age. At 29, and being occupied with a new found romance, I found myself neglecting my drama classes and spending time alone writing ‘heart felt’ poetry while waiting for the phone to ring. Yes, pitiful!

I remember one weekend, with some time on my hands, having the urge to write some humorous children’s poems. My cat seemed to be a very attentive audience so I figured they couldn’t have been too bad. Soon after, I sent these poems (in story book format) out to approx. six/seven children’s publishers, and although I received rejection slips, I did receive some very positive feedback and decided to keep on writing.

Undertaking a Writing Course

In 1989/1990 I began a correspondence Diploma in Writing course with ‘The Writing School’. I began entering competitions and had some of my ‘heart-felt’ poems published in poetry anthologies.

Writing for Children: Poetry Award

On one working day in 1993,  I again had the urge to write humorous children’s poetry. Verses literally began tumbling into my head as I was answering the office phone. Three months later I had ended up with approx. 120 poems. In 1993, I won first prize (Children’s poetry category) in the 1993 OZ waves Award and University of Queensland Press Book Prizes for my humorous poem, Magpie Mania. My prize was a book. I was so chuffed AND it still takes pride of place in my library. Also as a former canoeist I had my poem, Come ‘n Try Canoeing published in the Queensland Canoe Federation Inc. Magazine May/June 1993.

I began exploring different story ideas and began illustrating again and joined some Writers’ groups to keep in touch with latest news and competitions. By this time the writing bug was well underway and in 2000 I completed my Diploma in Writing course. (Yes, it took ten years to complete but I was determined to finish it).

In 2004,  (wow, where had the time flown!) and having gone through a number of career changes, I felt that this was the time to begin a new chapter and actively pursue my writing.

Birth of ‘Miss Helen Books’ – giggle verses and stories for children….

I didn’t want to spend the possibility of months and years of sending manuscripts to publishers and receiving rejection slips in the mail. Also I didn’t want to be dependent on a publisher deciding whether my book was marketable or not (when I believed there was a market for my style of writing). So in March 2006 I published my first book, Ten Yellow Bananas and followed up with my second book, Santa is in the Chimney in September of that year.

Also, during my years as a primary teacher my primary school students used to refer to me as ‘Miss Helen’, so I developed the ‘Miss Helen Books’ brand name. Both of the above published books bear the original logo ‘Miss Helen Books’.

The following logo is the new look logo (see more info below).

My new Miss Helen Books logo

Having self published in 2006 and getting my work and myself out there  opened up many doors and opportunities. One opportunity was teaming up with Little Steps Publishing, Division of New Frontier, a reputable award winning children’s book publishing company.

The following books have been published by Little Steps Publishing.  Ron Proft (former graphic designer at New Frontier/ Little Steps Publishing)  designed the lovely ‘NEW’ logo which appears on my books published with Little Steps Publishing, along with their Little Steps logo and imprint.

Little Steps Published books:

10 Yellow Bananas Published December 2009 (officially released March 2010). lllustrations by Dee Texidor. This is a NEW VERSION of the children’s book, Ten Yellow Bananas that I published in 2006. Please note slight name change.

Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems Released 2009. Bright bubbly illustrations by Dee Texidor.

My Published works:

  • A Christmas Tail co-authored by Donna Smith and Helen Ross. Children’s Picture Book Illustrated by Aaron Pocock. Published by Spider Ink Press 2013. Available in Hardback and ebook on Amazon, and at Apple iTunes stores.
  • 10 Yellow Bananas (2010) New Version. Little Steps Publishing, New Frontier. Illus by Dee Texidor
  • Bubble Gum Trouble and other Giggle Poems (2009) Little Steps Publishing. Illus by Dee Texidor
  • Ten Yellow Bananas (original version) pub by Miss Helen Books, March 2006
  • Santa is in Our Chimney pub by Miss Helen Books, September 2006
  • Book for Fiji: Early 2009, five of my giggle rhyming poems  for children  (Miss Murtle the Turtle, Hugs, Freckles, Tiddles, and Ten Little Men) selected for a book, Books For Fiji, published for the kids at the Namara District School in Fiji.
  • Articles in Australia Bookseller and Publisher magazine
  • Written a number of articles on self-publishing (click on Articles tab above, for more information).
  • July 2010- end December 2011 Resident Writer for a community Magazine.
  • My poetry published at  http://ozpoemaday.wordpress.comIn 2012 this website published a poem a day, inspired by 2012, the National Year of Reading.
  • Haiku poetry published  2012 at: Delightfully Haiku http://haikupoetry.wordpress.com/green-tea-haiku/  Published by Jelli-Beanz Publishing. Helen’s Haiku poetry featured: Clouds and Schools In.
  • Two poems published by Jelli-Beanz Publishing (no longer in business) in their Packed Lunch Series. Volume 1: Hopscotch. Released  November 2011 – A collection of humorous stories and poetry for children by Australian children’s authors.Poems: Bedlam in the Schoolyard and Sorry, I Don’t Have My Homework.
  • Come ‘n Try Canoeing published in the Queensland Canoe Federation Inc. Magazine May/June 1993.
  • Poems published in New Visions Writers World Poetry Anthology 1993 published by Peter Hall (Tobago Pty Ltd) Writers World 1992.
  • Poems published in New Horizons Writers World Poetry Anthology 1992 published by Peter Hall (Tobago Pty Ltd) Writers World 1991
  • Poetry collections Bubble Gum Trouble and Other Giggle Poems – in Australian Poetry collection, Melbourne
  • Poetry Awards First prize (Children’s poetry category) in the 1993 OZ waves Award and University of Queensland Press Book Prizes for my humorous poem, Magpie Mania.Writers World
  • 1991- Pot of Gold contest: Merit Award: Commended, March 1992 for ‘Shadow Friends’Writers World Merit Award: Special Mention, October 1991 for ‘Setting Off’
  • Writers World Merit Award: Commended, June 1990 for ‘Tears’
  • Coolum & Interstate Writers Association: Certificate of Merit Commended 1991 – ‘The Duck who lost his quack’


In 2007 awarded a RADF grant (Regional Arts Development Fund) through the Queensland Govt/Arts Qld and Logan Council, to undertake professional development in the area of illustrating a picture book (mentored by Jacqui Young) and writing children’s picture books (mentored by Dr Virginia Lowe) through Dr Virginia Lowe’s Create a Kids’ book e-course: http://www.createakidsbook.com.au An invaluable course.

In September 2009 I was appointed on a RADF committee for representing the portfolio of writing (4 year appointment).

In June 2010 was awarded a second RADF grant to attend SCBWI (Soc. Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) Sydney Conference.

In June 2013 I completed my four year term as a RADF committee member. This has been a great experience and I have met so many wonderful talented artists of many mediums.

In 2014, I returned to my first love – acting.  The pull and passion was too strong to resist any longer, despite my ‘maturing’ age.  So, at the end of September 2016, I completed a two year Advanced Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting. And loved every minute! And I am learning tap dancing (something I began years ago). But I am still writing.

  My acting achievements, so far? Yes, I did hear you ask 🙂

  • Role of Climate Talk Attendee, Harrow Series 3, Brisbane – Hoodlum Entertainment Studios International (2020)
  • Featured Actor, City of Melbourne Promotional Photo Shoot, National Art Gallery, Victoria (2019)
  • Role of Palliative Care Patient and Stand-in, The End, Foxtel 10 Part TV Series, Gold Coast, See Saw Productions (2019)
  • My first TV Commercial – Extra in Alinta Energy TV Commercial  (2018)    
  • Stage Role: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Brisbane Arts Theatre-3 month season Role of Grandma Josephine and Narrator (as Grandma Josephine) (2017)
  • Simulated Role play: ‘End of Life Scenario’ (Paid work) : Australian Society of Surgeons Training, TIPS Program, Mater Hospital South Brisbane. Casting by S L Smith Productions (2017 & 2018)
  • Student Films with Film students at APAC (Australian Performing Arts Conservatory), Brisbane (2015-2018)

Well it is now 2020! What a year this has been.

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones during this challenging and devastating time. But 2020 also given us an opportunity to reconnect with family, friends and loved ones and hopefully, ourselves; a chance to prioritize our lives a little better. And maybe you also had a chance to  up-skill, learn a passion you have desired for a long time or just chill a little more and smell the roses. I certainly have.

My plans for the rest of 2020 and for 2021?

  • Continue with acting workshops plus advancing with my tap dancing, ukelele and film making/directing skills.
  • Put myself out there for auditions (stage and film).
  • Work on current short plays and Film script ideas.
  • Keep dreaming BIG and working hard on my craft and developing new skills.
  • And my other passions? Anything arty/crafty;  movies (love French films, or English speaking films set in Paris,  black and white movies, old Australian movies, the classics, etc.); going out for coffee with friends, listening or dancing to music (especially French music or salsa); reading; playing with my beloved animals.
  • Other: My book orders details appear on the Right Hand side bar of each page of this website.
  • My sites: Blog: https://misshelenwrites.wordpress.com  You are already here of course!  :)****Remember, it is not the attainment of your final goal that is important but the adventure of pursuing something you love.I hope you are enjoying yours.* (I’d like to acknowledge the financial assistance provided by the Queensland Government and the Logan City Council through the RADF grants-2007/2010)
    www.arts.qld.gov.au                www.logan.qld.gov.au


13 Responses to About Helen

  1. LCD says:

    Our professional journies have much in common. My writing journey started in earnest after the loss of two babies. I am now advocating for writers at a national and international level. The writing journey is an amazing one and one never knows where it might lead. I tell everyone to follow their dream, to keep writing and improving, and supporting each other in the book industry.
    Thanks for your contact with Book Creators Circle.
    Warm regards,
    Letizia De Rosa

  2. misshelenwrites says:

    Thanks so much for your comments Letizia, though sorry to hear about your loss.

    I have now joined Book Creators Circle.

    To find out more information please visit: http://www.bookcreatorscircle.com.au

    I have just copied this description from their website.
    ‘Book Creators Circle can help if you believe in the values of collective support, networking and building profile through a circle of people who appreciate the need to market and share an understanding of this industry. This writers’ circle supports one another and builds contacts all over the world’.
    (Letizia De Rosa is the Founder of Book Creators Circle)

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  10. yasniger says:

    Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too. I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable. Be safe.

  11. Mr Ahmad says:

    We are launching our new project “Aussie children”. We have needs new story writers which can write short stories for our magazine on monthly basis. No age limit and qualification required. Only the persons who can write original stories can contact with us. Students can also apply for this.
    We have needed your co-operation, you can refer if you have any new writer who wants to write frequently for a monthly magazine. Please contact Mr Ahmad at newseditor@paktimes.com.au

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