Ambassador for ‘Books for Kids’

‘Books for Kids’, is a not-for-profit program that operates on one simple and astounding fact: being read to as a youngster is the foremost predictor of academic success in childhood, thus earning a chance at a better job and a better life in the years ahead.

‘Books for Kids’ serves children from birth to age 12 who are considered to be at risk: those who receive free lunches or live below the poverty level, receive English language tutoring, suffer from a specific learning disability (SLD) or read below grade level. By working with at-risk children early in their learning process, ‘Books for Kids’ helps them build strong reading skills and avoid the problems in adulthood created by illiteracy.

Organisations who participate in this program liaise with a nominated ‘Books for Kids’ Ambassador, generally a teacher, librarian, an author, or anyone who has a love of books. Ambassadors assist in encouraging the public to donate new and preloved children’s books to ‘Book bins’ which have been set up in these organisations. Donated books are collected on a periodical basis and distributed to families, community literacy programs and charities in need.

I am a  ‘Books for Kids’ Ambassador for the Logan region, Brisbane.  I became involved in ‘Books for Kids’ about 12 months ago as I wanted to help bring the ‘magic’ of books into the lives of families who can’t afford to buy books for their children. As a former primary and kindergarten teacher I appreciate the importance of reading in children’s literacy development, and wanted to help in some way.

Since becoming the first ‘Book for Kids’ Ambassador in Brisbane, a number of ‘Book Bins’ have now been set up in schools and organisations in Logan, and a few hundred books have been distributed.  At present, Logan is the only area of Brisbane that has ‘Books for Kids’ distribution centres; currently, there are over 38 distribution centres across Australia.  My aim is to get as many ‘Book Bins’ placed in as many community organisations and centres as possible in the Logan and Brisbane region.

How you can help

  • Donate a new book – email me at:
  • Donate funds for purchase of new books
  • Get your school or organisation involved in a charity book drive.
  •  Have a small cardboard ‘Book Bin’ placed in your organisation (eg. bookstore, fitness centre, school, Church).
  • Volunteer as a ‘Books for Kids’ Ambassador. I am happy to work with other Ambassadors in promoting this programme in the Brisbane area.
  • For further information, or to organise a ‘Book Bin’ for your organisation in the Logan region, contact me  at or fill in the CONTACT US form on my website at
  • For further information, or to download a ‘Books for Kids’ Ambassador application form please visit

If you would like to buy and donate one of my books to the ‘Books for Kids’ program please email me first for a discount. You can check out my books at

For  tips for parents please visit

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