Fun poems

Please click on my website:  to read some of the verses from my 2010 children’s book release, 10 Yellow Bananas, and some giggle poems from Bubble Gum Trouble and other giggle poems. Both published by Little Steps Publishing.  Just click on the Book Excerpts link on the left hand side of my website.

If you haven’t seen my new 2013 release co-written with award winning children’s author, Donna Smith, please click HERE:

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5 Responses to Fun poems

  1. Manfred says:

    Good work Rhymster … :o)

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  3. Hi Helen,

    Had my quick first look this morning… your verse is just so fresh and vital, rich in sharp observation and, above all full of life and fun – I bet teachers love using it. Forgot to mention my daughter actually teaches reception age children – though her secondment in Brisbane was working with quite severe austistic toddlers… With Best Wishes Scott

    • Helen Ross says:

      Thanks Scott for dropping by and reading some of my children’s poems. Yes, teachers and children get a giggle out of them. One class teacher was using some of my poems in her class (not just for reading purposes) as they fitted in with the class’s science curriculum for that term. Hope your daughter enjoyed her secondment – it would have been hard work but rewarding.

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